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The Most Powerful MRI Available


The Most Open MRI

The Most Advanced PET/CT


Rose Radiology Centers, Inc. was incorporated and founded in 2001 by a board certified Radiologist, Manuel S. Rose, M.D., FACR, with the philosophy that Radiology and MRI practices should be owned, managed and staffed by licensed board certified radiologists, thus avoiding conflicts of interest. Most other practices are not owned or managed by licensed radiologists. We will always put patient interests first and will always invest in the most advanced radiology equipment available because we are physician owners. Rose Radiology is one of the only radiology and MRI practices in the area where our owner has a professional license to practice medicine and is a practicing radiologist. At our practice we only answer to our patients and their referring physicians and never to businessman owners, who usually contract or employ radiologists for their own personal interests.

Rose Radiology Centers, Inc. is a rare practice, not only because it is radiologist owned, but also because our radiologists directly oversee patient care and encourage communication with our referring colleagues. We are available to perform interventional procedures and we are available for direct consultation with our referring physicians and their patients. Since we only answer to fellow physicians, we can be truly dedicated to patient care and recognize that our patients and referring physicians come first. All of our radiologists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology, have advanced training and come from academic medical universities. At our practice, you and your doctor are welcome to personally consult with our radiologists to discuss your results.

Rose Radiology maintains itself at the cutting edge of technology. In fact, no other radiology practice can match the level of technology offered at their multiple locations. Rose Radiology is the only Center in Tampa that has invested in a brand new 3T MRI. The 3T High Scan MRI is the most powerful and most technologically advanced MRI available. No other MRI can match the quality imaging available on our 3T MRI. It is also the fastest MRI available anywhere, capable of completing an entire study in less than five minutes.

Rose Radiology has also invested in the most advanced PET/CT Scanner available. Their 16-slice PET/CT Scanner can evaluate metabolically active tissue and can discover cancer that is only a couple of millimeters in size. On conventional PET Scanners and older PET/CT Scanners only larger cancers can be detected. Earlier detection significantly improves chances for curing cancer. In short, you cannot get a better PET/CT exam anywhere else.

Rose Radiology Centers, Inc . is the only MRI/Radiology practice in Tampa Bay that has invested in Upright MRI (TruSCAN MRI) the multi-positional Stand-Up MRI. This high-field Upright MRI is capable of imaging your body in the position you experience pain, whether that be seated , standing, lying down, flexion or extension.

Upright MRI (TruSCAN MRI) is NEW TECHNOLOGY. Rose Radiology Centers, Inc. was the first to operate this technology in Florida and the second in the world. In Tampa Bay , this technology is only available at Rose Radiology locations in Palm Harbor (Boot Ranch), Brandon , Sarasota , On Kennedy (South Tampa), and St. Petersburg . The MRI is the most non-claustrophobic MRI. In fact, at our Centers you can watch television, comfortably sitting, while your MRI is performed. The technology is FDA approved and our centers are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

In addition, Rose Radiology has invested in the most sophisticated 16-slice CAT Scanner in all of Florida . Also, our Boot Ranch location is the only Center where Upright (TruScan) Technology is complimented by the new ultra-fast, high-field cardiovascular 1.5T MRI scanner, providing even more detailed images. With our equipment, you may not need an invasive angiogram. All this technology provides tremendous value to our patients.

Our outpatient MRI/Radiology facilities are state-of-the-art diagnostic centers containing the latest in medical technology. There is no other Radiology practice anywhere, with this level of technology. Our managers and all technical staff are Registered Technologists (R.T.'s) licensed by the State of Florida . We maintain the highest level of imaging quality, professional interpretation and service, because we are "physicians dedicated to patient care."

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